Welcome to capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd – Basingstoke, England

capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd began its life in 1998 specialising in the deep drilling and honing of complex high precision products evolving into the manufacture of cylinder liners and assembly of Formula 1 engine blocks. By the end of the 1990s capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd had expenaded its expertise into the production of precision forged pistons.

The company’s rapid development at the very top of the motorsport industry culminated shortly afterward in the construction of a dedicated in-house nickel-ceramic coating system for cylinder liners and the direct-metal coating of aluminium cylinder blocks.

20 years later these core competencies form the backbone of the company today.

Today, capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of high-end precision engine components for the motorsport, niche OEM automotive, automotive aftermarket and niche aero markets.