capricorn Automotive Ltd are the market leader in coating technology for motorsport and automotive applications. Our propriety electrolytic nickel ceramic coating has been at the leading edge of motorsport technology for over 20 years.

Having our own in-house plating facility gives us the ability to deposit up to +500 µm of nickel ceramic coating, giving an optimum hardness of +550 Hv with an average SiC count of 8%.

Research carried out by our Chief Technical Officer Dr. Sebastian Howell Smith in conjunction with the Loughborough University, has proven that nickel ceramic has the lowest frictional properties when compared to other alternatives.

Nickel Ceramic Solutions.

We are experts in providing high-performance solutions all designed and manufactured in-house and have proven repair/engine upgrade solutions for many types of cylinder blocks including Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, and Mercedes.

Typical solutions are:

◦ Re-plate and hone with our nickel ceramic plating, offering excellent wear resistance and low friction thus optimizing the performance of your engine.

◦ Dry liner or wet liner conversion using steel or aluminium custom-designed liners with nickel ceramic plating. This will add the same benefits as a standard re-plate and hone, but provide additional benefits on cylinder strength and cooling enabling high-performance tuning to be achieved.

Honing process options:

◦ Cold or hot honing.

◦ Torque plate honing (hot or cold).

◦ Variable surface finish options to suit and typically inline with our own cylinder liner standards.

◦ Alternative coatings and materials such as plasma and cast iron can also be honed utilising our in-house equipment.

If you have a cylinder block that you would like to send to us for evaluation/repair/upgrade please download and complete the form below as accurately as possible and enclose it with the cylinder block or email it to prior to shipping your cylinder block to us.


1. All prices exclude VAT (where applicable).

2. Prices for cylinder block services do not include additional services like torque plate honing or hot honing.

3. In some cases additional plating tooling and plate rings will be required at additional cost to the customer.

4. Full terms and conditions are available on request and will be sent with all quotations and order acknowledgements.

5. Payment required in advance before any work can commence.

6. Shipping is ex-works capricorn UK, Basingstoke. Drop-off and collection available during normal working hours.

7. If you have any questions please call 01256 365800 or email


Chrome-plated piston  rings must  not be used  with our nickel-ceramic coating  (silicone  carbides). Uncoated cast  iron, titanium-nitrated steel  and molybdenum inlays are suitable ring coatings.