capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd – Basingstoke, England

capricorn Automotive Ltd started out specialising in the deep drilling and honing of complex products. At the same time, we soon made ourselves known for producing cylinder liners and the processing of cylinder blocks for Formula 1 engine manufacturers and other high-end motorsport companies. 

The rapid development of this soon led to the company installing its own nickel ceramic coating plant for cylinder liners and blocks shortly after. Today capricorn continue to be at the forefront of cylinder liner technology offering our customers in F1, WEC, NASCAR, WRC, WRX, WTCR and BTCC the latest in material developments with many years’ experience of applying our nickel ceramic coating to aluminium, high strength steels, and MMC materials.

Cylinder Liner Capabilities

Advancement in coating technologies also allows us to offer zinc phosphate, nickel PTFE, and xylan coatings to the outside dimensions of the cylinder liners to prevent micro-welding, corrosion, and galling. 

Whether it’s a stand-alone dry liner or wet liner or as part of a cylinder block liner conversion we have the knowledge and expertise to find the right solution. Our constant desire to push the boundaries for innovation is one of the main reasons for our continued long-term success along with the will to improve current products and to strive for perfection makes us what we are.

Our longstanding partnership with Loughborough University helps us to reinforce this vision keeping us very much at the cutting edge of engine technology.

Cylinder Liner Finishes

Standard surface bore finish:

• 0.15<Ra<0.3

• 0.1<Rpk<0.3

• 0.6<Rk<1.2

• 0.3<Rvk<0.6

• OD to a surface finish of 0.8 Ra.

• ID round to within 0.010mm

• ID parallel to within 0.010mm

• Bore size tolerance + 0.010mm / – 0

• Honing cross hatch angle 35° inclusive.