capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. – Basingstoke, England

capricorn Automotive lives and breathes motorsport. Our business has grown to be the number one choice for high performance in-cylinder solutions. Continual development and direct feedback from racing has honed what we provide so as to be the best available.

For decades our products and services have been used successfully by the entire world of motorsport: F1, WEC, NASCAR, WRC, Indycar, MotoGP, DTM and BTCC to name just a few.

Our passion is our strongest driver. We deliver more than just components; we overcome difficult technical challenges, individually tailoring solutions of the highest quality in the shortest of time frames.


Carefully selected parts that offer increased performance and reliability over their standard equivalent parts.

Designed and manufactured completely in-house here in Basingstoke using the same processes, production techniques and quality standards that have made us synonymous within the motorsport industry.

Performance Products that include forged and billet machined pistons, forged air cooled barrels, nickel ceramic coated cylinder liners as well as repair solutions for damaged alusil ® crankcases.